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Drinking Water System Services came together in 2017, after 12 years of doing business operating a couple of large & small water systems.  We decided to expand into additional water systems, provide on demand sampling services and also include system sanitization services when poor water quality issues are present.  These systems were either chlorinated, surface water with multiple media filters or the simpler untreated or filtered ground water system.  Our niche is dealing with home loan/refinancing well testing and DEQ PWS site sampling services.

We have been residents of the Flathead valley for over 30 years and have witnessed a lot of changes.  As the farmland disappears and new developments bring additional water system needs and quality issues, we are your source to ensure you are getting safe drinking water.  You rely on the government to inspect your food and your restaurant establishments, as well as set standard testing requirements for public drinking water, but when it comes to your personal drinking water, only you are responsible for inspecting its quality.   What's in your drinking water?

Brent Passwater
Mechanical Engineer
DEQ Water Operator

I have over 30 years experience in the mechanical engineering and design field, including over 12 years in the operation and sampling of private and public drinking water systems.

Lorri Passwater
Drinking Water Specialist
DEQ Water Operator

I have 10 years experience in laboratory water testing and understanding the requirements of the Montana Department of Environmental Quality with both drinking water and waste water.  Don't hesitate to contact us if you feel overwhelmed with DEQ issues.  I can help you resolve the issues.

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