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Ridgewood Estates PWS  2005-2014
Ridgewood Estates.jpg

Ridgewood Estates is a public water system is both a surface water and ground water chlorinated system serving over 66 households.

Montana Environmental Laboratory  2008-2018
MT ENV LAB - Building.jpg

Montana Environmental Laboratory (ME Lab) is one of the largest water testing lab in Montana.

Drinking Water Consultant/Owner/PWS Operator

Lorri Passwater has worked for Montana Environmental Laboratory for 10 years and left to take over management operations of Drinking Water System Services (DWSS).  She is proud to provide the Flathead Valley community and beyond with a knowledgeable resource for safe drinking water and the multiple testing and operational requirements of the Montana DEQ's regulatory agency.

Sr. Mechanical Engineer/PWS Operator

Brent Passwater has worked for various companies in Montana and out-of-state designing Ultra High Purity semiconductor manufacturing equipment, high voltage power switchgear, electro-mechanical assemblies, fuel cells, high density capacitors, consumer products, and numerous other products.

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